“Can I trust app X?”

Can you trust the company/organisation/people who make it? (What have they done in the past/are doing now?)

Can you trust their business model? (How/when do they make money?)

Is it open source?

Is it decentralised?

If yes to all, yes. Otherwise no.


@aral hm, I’d argue that if it’s open source and decentralized (every single part of it), you don’t even have to trust the company behind it because you (or other independent people) can verify whether it’s trustworthy. Ofc marketing (and therefor money) will play a role in how you will perceive the app and it might skew your sense of trust one way or the other...

@jokke Exactly. The only things you should trust are the ones that you don’t have to trust because the people who built them decentred themselves and designed them so you don’t need to trust them to begin with.

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