I took the downtime as an opportunity to appreciate what’s happening here. Millions around the world are making a choice for more privacy. And let’s be honest: every single tech company would come to a grinding halt under that kind of increase in load. We’re talking about well over 1500% in just a few days. I feel for the devops now working their asses off to get things back up. Set up a recurring donation now! I don’t even want to imagine the figure on their next aws bill...

@julbor sadly, yes. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Otoh I don’t know where else you would want to host a service for >50m users all over the world. Sure, google cloud and azure, but they’re not better either.

@jokke True. But at least I can message more of my friends (now) on Signal. Hope they are back online soon ^^

@jokke I hope this centralized walled-garden stays down for a long time.It's no better than Whatsapp 👎

@nipos of course it’s better than WhatsApp! In so many ways: non-profit, almost no metadata, open source client and server. I grant you there are “better” solutions than from a technical perspective that build on federation but try getting your grandmother to use xmpp or matrix. The UX is just so much worse.

@jokke No,simply no.I think I should really make a blog post out of my old toot some day 🤣 Here is a big list of Signal problems: Matrix and Jabber work quite good for me.And if you need it even easier,have a look at the decentralized Signal fork Session.

@nipos of course Matrix and xmpp work quite well for you. But you’re an IT professional. 😄 It’s a whole different story for users that have nothing to do with technology in their lives and maybe don’t even have a computer. IOS apps for xmpp are terrible, the set of XEPs for xmpp servers varies widely. I have hopes for matrix but won’t use it until there’s a decent server implementation that doesn’t suck your server dry of its resources.

@nipos I never said Signal was perfect. And by no means I’m a fan of Moxie. But your claim it’s no better than WhatsApp is just objectively false.

@jokke It's not.Have you read my link?And I agree that Jabber is a mess.It can work quite good if you know what you're doing but you can also have bad luck 😕 I'm using Matrix as main messenger and it works really good.Even people without technical knowledge understand how to use it.The server part really isn't that good unfortunately but I'm happy to do the hard work so that other people can chat in a safe way.

@nipos yes I’ve read your link. Apart from not having public group chats (you can, with group links) I even agree with your points. However, what I listed in my first response is also true. Which by definition makes it better than WhatsApp because all of your points also apply to WhatsApp. I appreciate your and the matrix team for their efforts and I personally think federation is key. But I also think matrix is not ready yet to be accessible by the broader population.

@nipos Until it is, imho Signal is the best alternative. But we can agree to disagree.

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