Normalising cis people changing their name 1/2 

Been given a name at birth should be just that, your birth name, with the idea that as people get older, if they feel another name suits them better, for whatever reason, it’s ok to change it. That caregivers/parents don’t own you and your name. It’s up to you, it’s your identity.

I say this because I believe it, and because yes, I’m cis and I have changed my name, both first and surname*. This was back in 1985, the day after I turned 18 (I couldn’t do it on the day because workmates took me out to lunch). It wasn’t the done thing, but it was incredibly important to me as it was part of me defining my identity that wasn’t based on other people decisions, rules, perceptions etc. And it really helped me forging my own path.

After all, lots of cis women changing their surname upon marriage has been around for some time and no-one is bothered about that. So why should it matter if you change your first and/or surname?

As others have said, it’s ok to change your name. Let’s normalise the shit out of this.

#NameChange #CisPeopleCanChangeTheirNameToo


Normalising cis people changing their name 1/2 

@GwenfarsGarden @TQ my wife and I both changed our surnames to a completely new one. It combined some aspects from both our families’ names. We wanted to have our own identity as a new family. Unfortunately this raised a lot of eyebrows. Still, it is a growing trend at least here in Finland. In Germany it’s near impossible to change your name. Basically only if you’ve suffered from abuse.

Normalising cis people changing their name 1/2 

@jokke @GwenfarsGarden Yes, my best friend has tried it multiple times and didn't succeed. Still, I think if it's possible, it's great!

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