I published my first ever track on (CC Licensed) a bit over a week ago. And since I still don't think it's completely rubbish, here's the link:
The recording has a few cracks here and there and it's a bit monotone but all in all I like the sound. See the soundcloud description for the hardware in use.

@jokke Sounds great!

So the delay and reverb were both from the Axoloti? They do sound really nice!

@axwax Thanks! ❤️ Yeah! I also tried creating a kind of shimmer reverb by pitch shifting the input and mixing it with the unshifted input before passing it on into the reverb. If you have an axoloti I can send you the patch :)

@jokke Sadly not, and it doesn't look like they'll be available again (at least in the foreseeable future). Looking forward to hearing more of it in action in the future though!

I'm planning on having another go at using the Teensy as an effects processor, so I've disassembled my MIDI host experiment for now...

@axwax yeah that's also my take... :/ I met the creator of the axoloti on the 33C3 I think. Great guy. I bought the unit directly from him. :)
Have you had a look at the daisy?
From what I've heard it's a pretty capable piece of hardware! More powerful than the axoloti in terms of processing power.

@jokke Haha, I was actually going to ask you the same!

A few months ago a mate recommended me to have a look at Daisy Seed. He made a couple of amusing videos about his experiments:

Sadly the Daisy was all sold out at the time, but they're all back in stock, including the new patch submodule, which looks like it makes development and interfacing with Eurorack gear a fair bit easier.

So far I've resisted buying one though, as I need to go through my backlog first!

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