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It looks a teensy bit like nextbike is desperate for customers in our apartment building...

Probs to my wife of course who, brilliant as she is, designed the whole thing; Even the shape of the branch before we even found it on our walk through the forest!

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Forget Mach24 battery-powered gazillion blade plastic monsters. This baby will give you an excellent shave!
Important: good, sharp blades. They cost next to nothing: 100 blades for 10 bucks.

Got to testdrive the from today! Awesome! Also got to ask tons of questions and promote FOSS.

A type safe DSL for defining specifications in the making. This demonstrates the power of 's macro system. All errors you see in the screencast are thrown at compile time.


Made solely of wood and steel (i guess) with natural fiber bristles. The brush part is exchangeable and can be bought seperately!

I just found out about 's built in playbook feature `crystal play`! Thanks @marcus! :)

Jokke's choices:


Happy banthas grazing on tatooine.