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Hammocks got to be one of the best simple inventions with virtually no way to be used in a way that isn’t relaxing or fun.

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Will things get better?

Please boost for sample size.

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in eigener sache: ich habe 88 follower, das sollte so nicht stehenbleiben! zur not beleidige ich wen!

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After a long break I had a go at some #MicroPython coding tonight to bash together a MIDI to 5x trigger converter for my ancient Tama analogue drum module (which was supposed to be used with hexagonal SImmons-style e-drums).

While the code is simple yet ropey it does get the job done - even responding to velocity data on the four channels that use external DACs.

I recorded a quick demo vid too, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

#electronics #MusicMaker #MIDI #synths #MusicProduction

@axwax wow those are so nice!! 🤩 Would be awesome if they had a reseller in europe.

@axwax @diyelectromusic I gave it a try but couldn't get it to work... :/ Ended up with patch os, disabling jack, tiny bash script and udevrule. (See post in chain below)

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@dr_laemmerbein nice! i'll give that a go! It seems it's using alsa directly (not jack)

@y0x3y yeah my pi sound hat should be arriving soon :) I also suspect that maybe - even though the usb midi devices aren't connected to the sound card - some global latency settings apply and using a low-latency sound card might help with that.

@axwax yeah that's also my take... :/ I met the creator of the axoloti on the 33C3 I think. Great guy. I bought the unit directly from him. :)
Have you had a look at the daisy?
From what I've heard it's a pretty capable piece of hardware! More powerful than the axoloti in terms of processing power.

@axwax Thanks! ❤️ Yeah! I also tried creating a kind of shimmer reverb by pitch shifting the input and mixing it with the unshifted input before passing it on into the reverb. If you have an axoloti I can send you the patch :)

@axwax i haven't but that looks pretty promising! I also think running bare metal would minimize any scheduling issues. Thanks for the hint!

@openmastering i'm also open for alternatives :) I heard the bomebox is one such alternative. It's a bit pricey though and does a lot more than what i need.

I published my first ever track on (CC Licensed) a bit over a week ago. And since I still don't think it's completely rubbish, here's the link:
The recording has a few cracks here and there and it's a bit monotone but all in all I like the sound. See the soundcloud description for the hardware in use.

Boosts welcome! I'm trying to use a rpi as a usb midi host. Has anyone experience with this? I've tried using blokas "patch os" and midi routing with modep. Unfortunately I had noticable delays (irregular hihat pattern)... I also tried routing directly with jack. And using a rpi 4 instead of a rpi 3. My goal is to control (and power) different hw synths with a squarp pyramid (also usb midi).

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brauch unbedingt, diese Jacke
😂🤣😅 (Twitter Fund)

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