Show more ist wohl schon länger down. Hat jemand eine liste bekannter relays, die man nutzen könnte?

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Facebook reverses postelection algorithm changes that boosted news from authoritative sources.

I missed this from December. File under shocking but not suprising behaviour from Zuckerberg.

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He was calling for death of the Central Park 5 even after they were acquitted and released.

He spent years calling Obama a Kenyan Muslim planted by the Muslim brotherhood.

He launched his campaign saying Mexico was sending it’s rapists and drug dealers.

He got elected on the promise of implementing a total and complete ban on Muslims.

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There is a EU citizen initiative/petition to have law makers introduce a proposal for universal basic income. Go sign here if you live in the EU:

Ich hab mal als relay eingetragen aber der status ist seit ca. einer Woche unverändert "Waiting for relay's approval". Ist das normal?

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Merz will Nutzer durch Corona-Warn-App orten. Er sagt: "Warum kann nicht das Gesundheitsamt wissen, wo ich bin?", plädierte er für eine vergleichbare Lokalisierung der CWA-Anwender durch die Behörden. "Ich hab damit keine Probleme."

Aber ich, weil es unnötig in die Privatsphäre eingreift. So schafft man kein Vertrauen, sondern das Gegenteil.

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Hi, I'm searching for a libre audio editor, usable on Linux, with LV2 support and preferably with native ADSR editor.

I want some kind of simple program to edit soundclips to improve #0AD sounds.

I would like if plugins can be seen on a rack (as in Ardour).

Do you know any kind of?

@unfa @gcrkrause @zrythm @falktx @rghvdberg @x42


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Reading about the EUPL (the European Union Public License). Very cool.

Anyone know off the top of their heads whether it provides the same protections of freedoms for server-side use that AGPL does?

Nur um auch mal zu shitposten: das ist der Inhalt einer Verbrennungstoilette.

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Cyberpunk Mazda MX-5 Packs Onboard Cyberdeck

Back in April of 2019, inspired by iconic films such as Blade Runner and Akira, [Chris Watson] embarked on a journey to create his very own cyberpunk roadster from a 1991 Mazda MX-5. After pouring an incredib…

Original tweet :

Unser Freibad hat schon geöffnet! Nur durch strikte Coronamaßnahmen möglich: Maximal eine Person auf einmal im Becken.

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Currently, I am investigating in #collaboration tools or a tool chain for distributed musicians.

Sound snippet #arrangement for songs.
Sound snippet file hosting.
Discussion or direct messages.
Mulitiuser (~10)

Nice to have:
raw mix.

Not needed:
Concurrent live jamming is not needed.
Even when I like freedom, decentralized, encrypted, open source self hosting, all that is not a must.

#followerpower #fediverse
To not bias the results, I don't like to share my ideas right now.

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When you're a fascist and somehow even fail at nationalism...


This guy really just typed 'Georgia flag' into Amazon and clicked on the top result


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I love that this Stanford cryptography 101 course basically teaches students how to add a government backdoor.

“Adding the sending key encrypted under the government’s public key should not compromise the security properties of the chat client.”


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